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Would you like to increase your caseload? Are you harnessing the power of social media? We help with both, offering an exclusive opportunity to connect with local injury victims. is Google G-Suite hosted (w/ 99.9% uptime), SSL encrypted, and mobile-friendly for A+ SEO benefit. Our visitor conversion rate is boosted by a cutting-edge responsive design and user interface.

Join us in a low-cost and effective way to cross-market your firm, promote local brand awareness and your services by using our platform to extend your firm's reach to a targeted audience of injury victims seeking representation:

· Select your service market to participate in by zip code, city or county.

· Our proprietary ad strategy captures new injury victims by geo-targeting hospitals and emergency medical clinics, people driving to these locations and employees at these locations - offering you the opportunity to participate in a hyper-local and niche campaign.

· Pricing is $49/month. Additional ad spend desired to increase lead flow is charged a 15% media fee.

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  • The Online Injury Lawyers Team