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  • Gather any witness information

  • Obtain the other party's information

  • Take pictures of the vehicle / place of injury

  • Notify your insurance company if applicable

  • Obtain a copy of the police report if applicable

  • If you are able to, remove your car from storage

  • Write a complete description as soon as possible

  • Keep all receipts: ie prescriptions, co-payments, deductible

  • Find out what reports you need to fill out from local authorities

  • Take pictures of any visible injuries: cuts, bruises, burns, abrasions

  • Be wary of claims adjusters that are interested in sending you a check to settle quickly

  • Have copies of hospital discharge paperwork available

  • Contact the police immediately if immediate danger exists or you are involved in a traffic accident

  • Complete an Online Injury Lawyers submission form to have injury lawyers in your area compete for your case


  • Admit fault

  • Give a signed or recorded statement to insurance adjusters

  • Leave the scene if know you are injured and haven't reported it yet

  • Allow the scene to be altered before proper evidence gathering has taken place

  • Discuss the injury with anyone but your medical provider, lawyer and police

  • Accept settlement of your claim until you are sure you have found out how much you should receive

  • Forget to submit your case to the Online Injury Lawyers website for a free case evaluation